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Koreen Brennan

  • Bio

    Koreen has extensive experience in both permaculture design and in education. She has taught permaculture design at Pine Ridge Lakota reservation, various locations throughout the US,  a number of universities, and countries in the Americas and Europe.

    She is a sought after public speaker, and has been lecturing on permaculture for more than ten years. Her areas of expertise and passion are food forestry, small farms and food security, designing for resilience, community building, and regenerative economics including the sharing economy.

    She has been involved in alternative education over the last 2 decades and has been teaching permaculture for over ten years. She uses a variety of creative techniques and approaches to address different learning styles. She focuses on isolating the most important aspects of the subject - the ones that will create a context for understanding the entire subject and give students concrete tools they can and will think with and use. In a society with information overload, she believes that it is not the amount of information one has, but the context, relevance and quality of it that creates competence and understanding. Her goal is to assist students to achieve a deep understanding of the fundamentals of the subject that will allow them to apply the techniques in a broad array of situations, and to make that learning process enjoyable.

    As a designer, her focus is on helping people create abundant edible landscapes, self-sufficient urban or rural homesteads, resilient and high yield small farms, business guilds, and intentional communities. Specialties include soil building and remediation, water catchment and use, edible landscaping, planning urban and rural integrated farming, reducing energy needs, and building more resilient finances and communities through collaborative holistic integration at village scale. She deeply appreciates the value of both beauty and utility, and so strives to meld aesthetics and practicality together to create designs that last, that work, that minimize care and expense, that produce abundantly, and are beautiful.

    Koreen has grown hundreds of species of edibles in a variety of conditions and climates, run edible nurseries, engaged in master planning, business incubation and holistic economics using whole systems strategy and design, facilitated community development and facilitation, organized events, and has been a passionate educator, life coach, and mentor, so finds herself taking on diverse projects at times. She organized permaculture style disaster relief for thousands of Haitians living in camps after the earthquake in 2010, coordinated the formation of the Sustainable Urban Agriculture Coalition St Petersburg, organized natural building projects (straw bale, earth berm walipini) at Pine Ridge Lakota reservation, and is a founding co-organizer for the North American Permaculture Convergence and the international permaculture Co-Lab effort (formerly known as The Next Big Step). She is a Diplomate of the Permaculture Institute of North America ( Courses taught by Koreen offer an internationally recognized certificate endorsed by PINA upon successful completion of the course. She currently sits on the Board of Permaculture Institute of North America.  

    Koreen manages a permaculture medicinal herb and orchard demonstration farm in West Central Florida where she gets to dance with the natural world. She strives to live a balanced life, to walk her talk, and to make decisions in the interest of the next seven generations.

    Published in:

    Yes Magazine, July 24, 2019

    The Food Forest Handbook, Published April 2017 (designs featured in the book)

    Permaculture Design Magazine Issue 101, Aug 2016

    PlanetShifter Magazine, Aug 29 2014