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Vision Report for Maui Agriculture

Published: Monday, 18 April 2016

Koreen Brennan is now a partner with Permaculture Design International, a full service permaculture design and build firm that designs and manages installation for regenerative farm, ranch, and village scale projects. This collaboration of designers that have complimentary skill sets and credentials allows the team to deliver to large projects and complex needs. 

The firm recently completed a report recommending strategies to transition from a 36,000 acre monoculture sugar cane plantation to a systems-wide regenerative polyculture solution, commissioned by Maui Tomorrow Foundation, an organization dedicated to promoting responsible land use planning, community design, and sustainable growth for Maui County. 

The partnership is working on a number of other projects internationally and is looking forward to continuing to contribute to broadscale transition to regenerative living. 

The full report and media coverage for the Maui Tomorrow project can be found here:!maui-tomorrow/vlk7z