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Introduction to Composting and Soil Building

  • Composting: What is the process behind it? Overlook of the microscopic ecosystem present usually in soil. How to replicate what nature does, and create highly fertile soil from garbage that can boost your plant’s health and yields. 

  • Four main factors you need to know, to optimize rate of decomposition, reduce smell, and end up with high quality soil.

  • Installation and operations: Collect and organize solid waste. Space needed, overview of different set up.

  • Hands-on: At composting area, mixing kitchen waste and garden’s weeding, Rules of thumb to evaluate the best mixes.

  • Soil building strategy. By doing gardening in Central Florida, one realizes quickly that soil is very important. In permaculture, the saying is, “Feed the soil and not the plant.”  Different ways of doing this with different materials. 

  • Introduction to Korean Natural Farming: Basic overview of principles of a simple method of creating farm made fertilizer with a very low cost of production. How to make microorganism solutions. Farm made fermented fertilizer ideas. Experiment! 


Instructor Bio: Eric Morin. Eric graduated from Laval University, in Canada in 1991. After traveling to the middle east and USA for a few years, he started to work for a Waste Management Canadian Company. At that time his career was immersed in the design, construction and operation of different kinds of waste management systems in Canada which included a recycling sorting plant, landfill and composting center. In Bogota, Columbia, he oversaw the whole operation of about 5000 tons of waste material per day, most of it composting, at the biggest landfill in South America. El Relleno Sanitario Doña Juana. He gained a passion for permaculture in Columbia. Eric is dedicated to creating thriving regenerative agriculture systems, and building beautiful, live soil is the basis of all of it. Currently, he is continuing his passion for compost, building rich soil and looking forward to creating food sovereignty at Our Permaculture Farm.


Cost: $25, includes one plant and written materials.

Jan 23 - 9:30-noon.
Feb 27 - 9:30-noon.

Location: Our Permaculture Farm, 11251 Salina St, Brooksville, FL 34614.

Register by either making a PP payment following the Buy Now link on the top right column, or send an email to steve at growpermaculture dot com and bring cash to the class.

Please be aware we will be practicing social distancing and be respectful of others' needs. We want to make the class safe for all. Attendance is limited and there will be plenty of room to spread out.