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Solar Workshop

The workshop is preceded by a free intro for those not familiar with the parts of solar but do not necessarily want to know the more technical aspects of it.

We will cover those more technical aspects of solar such as:

* How to read and understand your electric bill

* Sizing the system

* Choosing a design for your needs and budget

* Pro's and con's with different batteries

* Choosing the best equipment

* Hands-on putting together a solar system

* How to install solar on roof 

* What affects your bottom line?

Understand enough about solar that you can make a more educated decision as to what you want and how to save money on up front purchases and be more energy efficient overall.

Our approach is not to simply look at one piece but to do a whole system design and take each factor into account. 

Cost: $25
When: Workshops are held on Oct 3, between 1pm-3pm
Where: Our Permaculture Farm, 11251 Salina St, Brooksville, FL
Register: Via the Paypal link at top right column.

Direct questions to Steve at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at: 727-495-6145.


This is part of Permaculture Design under appropriate technology. For more information about Permaculture continue visiting our website, look for Free Introductions or ask about them at the above email address.

Please be aware we will be practicing social distancing and be respectful of others' needs. We want to make the class safe for all. Attendance is limited and there will be plenty of room to spread out.